A range of different types of drill bits that can so often be required when carrying out a fencing or landscaping project. Whether you need to drill through timber, masonry or metal.

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IDDescriptionPrice (Ex Vat)Price (Inc Vat)
MASONBIT081508mm x 150mm TCT Masonry Bit£2.31£2.77
MASONBIT082108mm x 210mm SDS Masonry Bit£3.84£4.61
MASONBIT1021010mm x 210mm SDS Masonry Bit£4.40£5.28
MASONBIT1410014mm x 100mm SDS Masonry Bit£5.05£6.06
MASONBIT1430014mm x 300mm TCT Masonry Bit£7.51£9.01
MASONBIT1615016mm x 150mm SDS Masonry Bit£6.87£8.24
MASONBITIMP1615016mm x 150mm Impactor Plus Masonry£6.89£8.27
PIRANHADRIL10Piranha Bullet Drill Bit - 10mm£5.55£6.66
AUGERBIT08200Combination Wood Auger Bit 8mm x 200mm£6.95£8.34
AUGERBIT10200Combination Wood Auger Bit 10mm x 200mm£6.99£8.39
AUGERBIT13200Combination Wood Auger Bit 13mm x 200mm£7.49£8.99
AUGERBIT16200Combination Wood Auger Bit 16mm x 200mm£8.99£10.79
AUGERBIT19200Combination Wood Auger Bit 19mm x 200mm£10.30£12.36
AUGERBIT19400Combination Wood Auger Bit Long Series 19mm x 400mm£18.99£22.79
MASONBIT1215012mm x 150mm TCT Masonry Bit£3.50£4.20
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